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    Standard Manganese og hvordan den påvirker stofskifte...på Engelsk.

    Studien som sttøter denne artiklen finnes har

    Manganese and how it effecte the thyroid.

    Manganese, or Mn on the periodic table. Another mineral that we badly need. However, an excess is deemed as potentially dangerous and it is particularly abundant in tea and coffee So is manganese a double edged sword?
    What we fail to realise and nor are we told by the medical profession, is that there are many medical conditions where nutrients are part of the treatment protocol. So much so, that many who are failing to thrive simply because they are deficient in these minerals. Some conditions are actually caused because we are so depleted in these very nutrients.
    For example, selenium is a mineral that is needed by the thyroid in order to facilitate the production of thyroid hormone. There are other minerals that are needed. Put simply, we need certain minerals and vitamins in order to we well. Without them, we will not thrive.
    So how can manganese help? (taken from excerpts
    It is a key anti-oxidant and required for normal adrenal and thyroid activity. Manganese is needed for cholesterol synthesis as the enzymes involed in this process depend on it. Essential for normal thyroxine production and also vitamin K.
    It works with iron and is therefore needed for the correct metabolism of iron. As you know, if ferritin levels are low, the thyroid hormone mechanism fails to complete correctly.
    A bit of a vicious circle as too much manganese depletes copper and iron and likewise too much iron and/or copper depletes manganese.
    If supplementing with iron or copper, it is therefore necessary to supplement with manganese and also its dancing partner, chromium.
    Manganese is used in the treatment of multiple scerosis, diabetes and myasthenia gravis for its benefits in treating muscle weakness.
    A deficiency causes many problems including hypothyroidism, dizziness, deafness and ringing in the ears, ataxia, convulsions, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint problems, TMJ, skeletal defects, infertility, miscarriage, loss of libido in both sexes, disruption of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, osteoporosis, fatigue, myasthenia gravis, allergies, asthma and retarded growth, hypoglycaemia and diabetes to name but a few.
    An excess of manganese also causes problems: Anorexia, ataxia, copper deficiency and neurological problems including criminal tendencies and schizophrenia. Tranquillisers are an antagonist to manganese. (as they are indeed to many nutrients and medications)
    Where is it found? It is plentiful in ginger, rice, blueberries, bananas, nuts, olives, avocados, tea, kelp, egg yolks and green vegatbles. However, with modern farming methods processing and GM foods, it is hard to say to what extent it is available in our foods in this day and age.
    Interestingly enough, when manganese is low, the T4 to T3 conversion is accelerated by increased 5'diodinase enzyme activity which causes excessive T3 levels in the blood.
    Excessive amounts of manganese can also cause goitre and reduce serum T4 and T3 levels. Significant levels of manganese can be found in diets where tea and coffee, chocolate etc are consumed in higher than average levels.
    This proves that thyroid function is affected by both high and low levels of manganese.
    Of particular interest regarding thyroid function in Graves disease is that excessive manganese in the diet triggers the autoimmune response causing Graves. Bearing in mind that excessive manganese reduces copper levels, this could be an explanation and that supplementing with copper would therefore reduce manganese levels in the diet where manganese consumption is high. e.g. where high levels of tea and coffee are consumed. This would then suppress the autoimmune reaction.

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    Standard Sv: Manganese og hvordan den påvirker stofskifte...på Engelsk.

    Bare for å gjøre det mer forståelig så heter dette grunnstofffet mangan på norsk og ikke manganese.

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