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    Mar 2008

    Arrow The Holy Miracle of the Infallible TSH Test

    Takk til Kevlin som la inn den andre som altså samme person står bak.

    Denne beskrivelsen følger videoen på Youtube.

    PLEASE READ THIS EXPLANATION behind the video, if you haven't, by clicking the "show more" link, just below this line! Lots of people have missed it!

    Imagine you're unable to swallow and dying of thirst. Suppose further that an endocrinologist treats you for this problem. He notes your thirst, then checks the level of water in the glass in front of you. He then adds water to the glass until the level is normal.

    Question: Are you still thirsty?

    Of course you are. Your problem isn't just a lack of water, it's the inability to swallow it. But your endocrinologist claims that you're cured, because you have sufficient water available.

    That is the situation with using BLOOD tests, which measure *available* hormone, to diagnose CELLULAR deficiency, which is *working* hormone, in the treatment of hypothyroidism. If the cells can't "swallow" the thyroid hormone (out of the blood), then it doesn't *matter* how much is available.

    I'm not a doctor, I'm a patient. But I'm also in command of logic, and the goal is not to make sure there's enough thyroid hormone in the blood, even though that *sounds* logical. The goal is to MAKE THE PATIENT WARM AGAIN (and have eyebrows again, and have normal skin again, and be thin again, and have the energy to live life again, and so on.) But there is an institutional disconnect in that regard, because doctors are enthralled with blood tests, and lose sight of the actual goal.

    In the 1950's and 1960's, they actually did it right. Hypothyroid patients were diagnosed based on their clinical presentation--- what they looked and felt like. A doctor could shake your freezing hand, note your thinning or missing eyebrows and myxedemic skin, and diagnose a thyroid problem.

    Then he most likely would have put you on a trial of dessicated natural thyroid medication to see if it made you feel better. Then he would simply continue to increase the dosage over time until you reached a level at which you finally felt warm again. With that proof of its *effectiveness* rather than any lab reports, he would have then cautioned you to expect it to take some time for your other symptoms to resolve---perhaps a year or so. But you'd at least be WARM again!

    NOW, however, it doesn't matter HOW freezing cold you are. Doctors are universally enslaved to adjusting what is in your BLOOD, NOT what makes you warm, and patients are almost invariably on smaller doses of medication than they were commonly given in the 50's and 60's. In many cases, the cells have to be literally bludgeoned into "swallowing" the medication, with much higher than normal levels in the blood. But this idea isn't even considered by most modern doctors, who actually think it's more scientific to adjust the level of gas in the tank than to face the fact that the engine isn't running.

    In fact, with each new scientific advance, we seem to go even farther backwards. For example, because a "normal" person converts T4 to T3, some GENIUS figured out that we could *always* give T4-only medications and let the body convert as much of it as it needed to T3! Of course, if you're NOT normal, then you might NOT be able to properly convert T4 to T3. That, in fact, could be your whole problem. But if your doctor is properly lobotomized in medical school, he or she will have no curiosity left with which to question that. It's incredible that a profession supposedly based on science could be so dogmatic in practice.

    Worse, those remaining few independent-thinking doctors left may eventually be stripped of their ability to help you by the *ultimate* in institutional thinking: government. In Britain, for example, dessicated natural thyroid treatment containing both T4 and T3 (and T2, T1 and calcitonin) is not a "licensed therapy," meaning your chances of getting a doctor there to prescribe it are effectively zero. If you have a problem converting T4 into T3, in other words, you're in trouble. The way things are headed in the US, we'll soon be handing over power for OUR health to OUR government in the same way. Why should a committee decide what medications you can have instead of your doctor? Because they think they're smarter, that's why.

    It's ironic, and a little sad, that the whole group of people who should be rising up in fury about this mismanagement of their disease is by definition almost too tired to do anything about it. It's time to demand proper treatment, which means enough medication of the right type to make you FEEL better, not just enough to make your doctor happy about your lab numbers.

    If you remember nothing else, remember this: your metabolism is your barometer. If you're still cold, you're still under-treated. PERIOD.

    Last but not least, I have found that offers the most comprehensive and helpful information on thyroid treament you're likely to ever find in one place, so if you somehow haven't found that, do so now...

    hypothyroidism hypothyroidism hypothyroidism
    Hashimoto's, hypotyreose, Armour 2009
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    • Ren T3 og LDN (lav dose Naltrexon) 2012, virket ikke for meg. Bruker thyroid

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    Standard Sv: TSH-humor

    Videoen som Kevlin la inn i en annen tråd, hade også en interessant undertekst. Jeg tillater meg å sette inn begge her

    If you're on thyroid medication but it's not completely relieving your symptoms, you probably better watch this, and perhaps read this explanation as well (click on the "show more" link below to read the rest of this:

    As I mentioned in my original movie ("Our Holy Miracle of the Infallible TSH Test"), I am a patient, not a doctor. Like many patients with hypothyroidism, however, I have had to learn a great deal about the endocrine system because my treatment simply wasn't helping.

    What I have found is that there is a conspiracy of silence around another endocrine organ that can be the entire source of your misery: the adrenal gland. These glands sit on top of the kidneys and excrete a number of different hormones, but perhaps the most important of all is cortisol, and you would die without it.

    Cortisol is commonly called the "stress hormone," because it rises in times of stress, and allows you to deal with it. It raises your blood pressure, increases gluconeogenesis (the creation of blood sugar out of fats and proteins) and reduces the inflammatory response, among other things. You would die without cortisol, but like any hormone, too much can be as bad as too little.

    Cortisol turns out to be of special interest to thyroid patients, because strong evidence now shows that it is required for the conversion of T4 to T3, as well as for the subsequent activation of the T3 receptor. In short, you can't use your thyroid medicine without it.

    If you have been through a great deal of stress or have weak adrenals for other reasons, you might not have enough cortisol to use your thyroid medicine. I was taking 3 grains of natural dessicated thyroid and couldn't tell any difference at all from going all the way up to 5 grains. My temperatures were still low, my neck muscles were still sore and I was still going home after work and dropping in exhaustion.

    It was a long trek through 7 doctors, but I finally found one who gave me a saliva-based cortisol test and prescribed hydrocortisone. The very first day I took it, my body temperature snapped right back up to 98.6 (it hadn't been that high for 15 years) and my other symptoms of low thyroid began to subside. Astonishingly, I even *lost* a few pounds (I was afraid of exactly the opposite).

    This is my attempt to get out the word, because most current doctors literally don't believe in weak adrenals, and there is no ICD (International Classification of Disease) code for the condition, which would probably be most accurately called hypoadrenalism if there were.

    I highly recommend a book called "Safe Uses of Cortisol" by William MckJeffries for more about cortisol. For all the thyroid-related information you could ever hope to find in one place, is by far the best site I have found.

    For now, thanks for viewing my film, excuse the goofy humor, and I hope you find the information helpful!

    hypothyroidism hypothyroidism hypothyroidism hypothyroidism hypothyroidism
    "adrenal fatigue" "adrenal fatigue" "adrenal fatigue" "adrenal fatigue" "adrenal fatigue"
    "thyroid medication" "thyroid medication" "thyroid medication" "thyroid medication" "thyroid medication"
    Hashimoto's, hypotyreose, Armour 2009
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    • Ren T3 og LDN (lav dose Naltrexon) 2012, virket ikke for meg. Bruker thyroid

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    Dec 2009

    Standard Sv: TSH-humor

    Og via litt google-oversettelse - m litt ruffly rettinger:

    Hvis du bruker skjoldbruskmedisin, men ikke får lindret symptomene dine helt, så burde du ta en kikk på denne filmen, og kanskje lese forklaringen også (klikk på "vis flere" linken nedenfor for å lese resten av denne):

    Som jeg nevnte i den opprinnelige filmen ("Vårt hellige Mirakel av den ufeilbarlige TSH Test"), jeg er pasient, ikke lege.
    Men som mange pasienter med hypotyreosehar jeg måttet lære mye om det endokrine systemet fordi behandlingen rett og slett ikke hjalp.

    Jeg har funnet ut at det er en konspirasjon av stillhet rundt et annet endokrint organ og som kan være hele kilden til elendigheten din: binyrene (les: binyrebarken).
    Disse kjertlene sitter på toppen av nyrene og skiller ut en rekke ulike hormoner, men kanskje det viktigste av alle er kortisol, som du vil dø uten.

    Kortisol er ofte kalt "stresshormon" fordi det stiger i tider med stress, og gir deg mulighet til å håndtere det. Det øker blodtrykket, øker glukoneogenesen (etableringen av blodsukkeret ut av fett og proteiner) og reduserer den inflammatoriske responsen, blant annet.
    Du ville dø uten kortisol, men som ethvert hormon, kan for mye være like ille som for lite.

    Kortisol viser seg å være av spesiell interesse for stoffskifte-pasienter, det er sterke bevis nå for at kortisol er nødvendig for konvertering av T4 til T3, samt for den påfølgende aktivering av T3 reseptoren. Kort sagt, du kan ikke bruke din thyroide medisin uten kortisol.

    Hvis du har opplevd mye stress eller har svake binyrer av andre grunner, har du kanskje ikke nok kortisol til å kunne bruke thyroid medisin.
    Jeg tok tre grain av dessikert thyroid og kunne ikke merke noen forskjell i det hele tatt til å gå helt opp til 5 grain.
    Min kroppstemperatur var fortsatt lav, mine nakkemuskler var fortsatt vonde og jeg var fortsatt utslitt av å gå hjem etter jobb.

    Det var som en ørkenvandring og til slutt ha vært hos syv leger, men endelig fant jeg en som ga meg en spytt-basert kortisol test og foreskrev hydrokortison.
    Den aller første dagen jeg tok det, hoppet min kroppstemperatur rett tilbake til 37 grader (den hadde ikke vært så høy på 15 år) og mine andre symptomer på lavt stoffskifte begynte å avta. Utrolig, jeg * mistet * tom noen få pounds (jeg var redd for akkurat det motsatte).

    Dette er mitt forsøk på å få ut kunnskapen, fordi de fleste nåværende leger bokstavelig talt ikke tror på svake binyrene, og det er ingen ICD (International Classification of Disease) kode for tilstanden, som trolig ville være mest presist kalles hypoadrenalism hvis det var .

    Jeg anbefaler en bok som heter "Sikker Bruk av kortisol" av William MckJeffries for mer om kortisol. For alle stoffksifte-relatert informasjon du noengang kan håpe å finne på ett sted, så er det desidert beste stedet jeg har funnet.

    Sist, men ikke minst; takk for at du ser på filmen min, jeg ber om unnskyldning for klønete humor, og håper du finner denne informasjonen nyttig!"

    ... bare fordi du er paranoid: så betyr ikke det at de ikke er ute etter deg!!
    Lavt stoffskifte - Erfa Thyroidfra slutten av 2009
    Min første halve pille med Erfa

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