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    Standard Sv: Re: Sv: Hello Paul! I have some questions I hope you have time to answer.

    Sitat Opprinnelig skrevet av Paul Robinson Vis post
    On these threads I am struggling to work out WHO is the poster - which person I am speaking to - could the person posting put their name clearly first- I find this forum structure hard to follow. Much harder than Facebook.
    Hi Paul

    If you want to answer a question from a spesific persons, you click the button:"Svar med sitat" which means Answer with quotation, like in the quote above: Opprinnelig postet av Paul Robinson » (Originally posted by Paul Robinson »).

    Then your answer refferes to this particular question wrapped in the quote.
    Put your marker on the little blue square with this white sign » , it shows "Vis post" meaning Show post. By clicking Vis post, you will get to the original site and question from the person in mind.

    Best from Elbeth
    Maybe I already told you more than I know......

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    Standard Sv: Hello Paul! I have some questions I hope you have time to answer.

    Really interesing thread, Vigdis
    I started august 2011 to take all of my NDT before bedtime. I did this because I had heart palpitations day and night just like yours that made me wake up at night. Two weeks later it was much less palpitations. I still get them in stressfull times, or if I forget to take my cortison dose, about 45 minuites after the cortison dose the palpitations disapear. So I know the palpitations are caused by the adrenals. It would be interesting to try to take the NTD dose at 0300 in the night. I work full time, so of course I am worried that it will disturbe my sleep. My blood pressure is a bit different than yours. Systolic is around 90-100 and diastolic 55-70. I want you to remember that the Florinef you are taking coul affect your BP. I got my Florinef becuse of the low BP, and it still is very low....

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    Standard Sv: Hello Paul! I have some questions I hope you have time to answer.

    Hello Blondie. I told Paul you had written here in my tread, but he was too busy right now to answer you. He asked me if I could tell you this

    The specific answers to the questions are:
    1. Many people actually have low FT3 in their adrenal glands during the time when their adrenals are producing the highest volume of cortisol of the day (the last four hours of sleep). If this low FT3 can be corrected during that time then many people improve their cortisol levels. This won't work for 100% of people but it appears to work for many people and because of this it is worth trying.

    2. The method for applying the Circadian T3 Method is explained in my book. Ruth I am sure by now that you can summarise it.

    3. The Circadian T3 method requires the use of a medication that contains T3. It may be used with natural desiccated thyroid or T4/T3. If someone wants to use T3 on its own then my book explains how to go about this. There are no side effects from using T3 but it requires far more discipline on the part of the thyroid patient to manage the T3 dosage - it requires a lot of work (as described in my book 'Recovering with T3').
    And from me: I will try to translate Pauls blog about Circadian T3 Method, called CT3M, later.
    Hashimoto's, hypotyreose, Armour 2009
    Å leve med binyrebarksvikt eller binyretretthet
    • Ren T3 og LDN (lav dose Naltrexon) 2012, virket ikke for meg. Bruker thyroid

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