New generations of metabolic illness because of fluoride damage of the endocrine system - on the way!

Recently, they can thank this woman for it: a Swedish dentist Anna Nordström

"A new study from Gothenburg University in Sweden now shows that you can better keep holes away if you brush your teeth three times a day - with a toothpaste with high fluoride content.

- The study showed that those who used a toothpaste with a high content of fluoride three times a day, had four times more fluoride protection in the mouth than those who used a regular toothpaste twice a day, says dentist and doctoral Anna Nordström, who conducted the survey in a newsletter from the University of Gothenburg.

Brushing Teeth: New 'Massage Method' Quadruples Protection Against Tooth Decay, Study Suggests
New Tooth Brushing Technique and Toothpaste Offers 4 Times More Cavity and Plaque Protection
Rubbing toothpaste on your teeth 'quadruples protection against decay'
High-fluoride Toothpaste (5000 ppm) in Caries Prevention

Sources in Swedish:
Smörj och slipp hål i tänderna
Nya smörjmetoden fyrdubblar fluorskyddet mot karies
Tandkräm med extra fluor bra för unga som slarvar
Smörj in tänderna med högfluortandkräm efter lunchen
Mer fluor för slarviga
Avhandlingsarbete om högfluortandkräm (Thesis on high fluoride toothpaste)

Dentist and Ph.D. Anna Nordström from University of Gothenburg.

You are about to destroy the future of children, teens and their parents. They will have hampered their metabolism, they become obese, they get dumber, poorer and life-invalids if they follow your "research" as if the teeth would be more important than health and life!

Who cares about teeth when one are confronted by the devastating hypothyroidism!

If you want to know how fluoride damage your metabolism, and damage your thyroid, and damage your life - read in this subforum Thyroid and fluoride containing many references to English-language sources.

And now we can all enjoy ourselves with a little movie .... about fluoride blessings.

Halfway into the video mentioned a Dane, Kaj Roholm and his book Fluorine Intoxication,.... written in ... 1937!

This book can be read online here.

The Dentist-moran from Gothenburg even recommend the "method" to increase the uptake of fluoride by 400%