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    Standard Liste goitrogenic foods

    Her er en amerikansk liste, og de sier at mengden har noe å si, at en normal porsjon kan være greit.
    Og koking gjør at mange av de uønskede effektene tapes (unntatt med hirse, blir verre ved koking)
    walnøtter er bare listet fordi det har et høyt fiberinnhold. Fiber sammen med tablettetn gjør at opptaket blir mindre.

    This is from a post I made a couple of years ago:

    Here is some of the information I have collected on goitrogenic foods.

    Keep in mind that moderate consumption of goitrogenic foods is probably going to be okay. Cooking reduces the effect in most (exception is millet). If you have been eating some of these foods on a regular basis, then your meds are adjusted with that intake already factored in. You do not have to avoid all of this list.

    BTW, it is the isoflavones in soy that is a problem for thyroid hormone -- soy oil has no isoflavones. It should not be a problem unless a person has a sensitivity to soy itself.


    Almond Seeds
    Bamboo Shoots
    Brussel Sprouts
    Canola Oil
    Lima Beans
    Milk (see below)
    Rape seed
    Soybean and soy products
    Sulphur-containing compounds (even some water supplies)
    Sweet potatoes

    Walnuts (listed as interfering with thyroid meds on several thyroxine prescribing information inserts)

    Cattle may ingest goitrogens and pass to humans through milk.
    Substances which increase fecal bulk can cause excess loss of T4.
    Iodine supplements or kelp products (should be avoided for autoimmune patients) Note: There is debate on whether to add or avoid iodine-containing products.
    Calcium, iron, anti-acids (like Tums/Mylanta) should be taken 2-4 hours away from thyroid meds as they interfere with absorption.

    Note: Cooking does seem to deactivate the isoflavones in most goitrogenic foods (except millet) -- so eating some of the foods above in moderation is usually okay if they are well cooked. Even raw, most people will not be affected by small amounts of goitrogenic foods. But some may be ultra-sensitive to one or more on the list.

    References for goitrogenic lists: ... g-faq.htm#

    "Cyanoglucosides are naturally occurring goitrogens that are digested to release cyanide, which is converted to thiocyanate. Thiocyanate inhibits iodide transport in the thyroid and, at higher levels, inhibits organification. Foods that contain cyanoglucosides include cassava, lima beans, maize, bamboo shoots, and sweet potatoes.

    Thioglucosides are natural goitrogens found in the Cruciferae family of vegetables and weeds eaten by animals. When digested, they release thiocyanate and isothiocyanate, which have thionamidelike properties and are passed to humans via milk ingestion. "

    " A combination of low iodine intake and high intake of goitrogenic foods increases the likelihood of goiter.24 25
    Nutrient deficiencies, including zinc,26 manganese 27 and vitamin A,28 29 and severe protein malnutrition30 also contribute to an inability to use iodine well and to the development of goiter.31 32 In the presence of adequate iodine supplies, it is less common for such factors to cause goiter;33 34 however, when iodine intake becomes deficient, even mild malnutrition can have such a negative impact on thyroid function.35 36 High levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and certain bacteria in drinking water, have also been shown to be goitrogenic.37 38 Therefore, proper nutrition and a healthy water supply are crucial in the prevention and treatment of goiter. "

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    LeslieB postet idag en link til en gammel diskusjon på forumet så jeg kan godt dra det fram igjen ... sg=32370.2

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