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If you want to know why we want to spread the word about these doctors, see here: Unfortunately only in Danish ...

When I look at the medical profession as it is today - I have incredibly hard to see anything other than a casual "lifestyle" or "lifestyle", when young people choose to be doctors. In my world, I see now doctors as a race for themselves ... not as a profession. Just as an independent breed, alive and functioning medical profession in its own mini-universe, evolving and holding its very own laws and a pecking order, which looks just like, what subcultures developed with one purpose - to keep themselves as much as possible unchanged from its surroundings, and most pristine of the surrounding community.

If a car mechanic lets a customer run in a car with defective brakes - he would not only risk losing his job, but could also be prosecuted. When a doctor slowly turn his patient to death with heavy drugs or side effect, or quickly - with malpractice - nothing happens! In Denmark, even demonstrably insane doctors keeps their authorization, but doctors who do not comply with the collegiate game - yes, their certificates will be "suspended". No other profession is so exempt from liability, as the medical profession, and no other professions can, so much do whatever it pleases, as the medical profession.

Like in any subculture, also within the medical profession it is important to get the most out of the least possible. "Laws of survival" applies not only for plants and animals, but they apply to the subcultures survival as well: how to maintain myself as a doctor, with minimum effort? Answers to this question exists, in large part - in the proposed Clinical guidelines for general practice regarding Functional symptoms and disorders presented by the Danish Society of General Practitioners.

It is not for the benefit of sick people this proposal comes now. Under the guise of being needed to save society resources - protecting the medical profession its own interests again! Provided that this proposal will be adopted (it does) it will save Danish doctors for the burden to have to retrain themselves, the burden of having to understand patients and diseases, and not least, the doctors will be officially relieved of the responsibility, they allready long abandoned in the practice . They will be guaranteed their salaries, despite that they provide not enough for it. It is namely "not enough" when they discard it difficult to diagnose and treat, groups of chronic patients - those doctors are not qualified to treat. To hide these skills shortages and to avoid having to acquire them - will be thousands and thousands of patients fitted with psychiatric diagnoses.

I just hate Danish doctors treating hypothyroidism because they treat it wrong, and they make us even sicker! And now they will call us officially for hypochondriacs?
Not officially, they have already done so for a long time!

(It is not certain that my hypo-brain remembers my (school)English well enough. Corrections are very welcome.)