The CT3M Handbook
Recovering Adrenal Health Using the Circadian T3 Method

Paperback: 182 pages
Publisher: Elephant in the Room Books (30 Sep 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0957099320
ISBN-13: 978-0957099326

This book describes how the author recovered from severe adrenal hormone issues by
developing an innovative and simple approach called the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M),
which supports the adrenal glands as nature intended. Thyroid patients often have
symptoms associated with low cortisol. These can include: severe fatigue; low blood
sugar; aches/pains; dizziness; poor response to thyroid hormones; anxiety; fluctuating
body temperature; digestive upsets; allergies; nausea; low blood pressure - to name
but a few. Thyroid hormones will not work correctly if the adrenal glands do not produce
an adequate level of cortisol. Consequently, unless there is good adrenal health,
symptoms of hypothyroidism may continue to be present, even if thyroid hormone levels
have been corrected.
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