Eat Fat And Grow Slim
By Richard Macarness M.D.

Published by The Harvill Press, London, 1958

Last of Six Editions/Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Pages: 220
Published: 1985-06-13
ISBN-10: 0006338089
ISBN-13: 9780006338086
Binding: Paperback (Revised)

Quote: "Dr. Richard Mackarness was a physician of great vision, a man of original mind who, though much frustrated by the sceptics in his own profession, fought with some success for the recognition in Britain of "Clinical Ecology". By his own example and as a doctor bringing relief to many people, he established that food allergies can be the cause of a variety of illnesses. (...) His first book, Eat Fat and Grow Slim (1958), exposed the "calorie fallacy" and proposed a non-carbohydrate "Stone Age" diet of protein and fat with no restriction as to the amount eaten. The book was immensely popular and went through six editions."
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Quote: "In many ways Eat Fat and Grow Slim is a better book than Dr Atkins’ Diet Revolution. Aside from the personal preference for the rather antiquated style and delivery that gives the book an appealing historical perspective, the book’s overall feel is more polished when compared to the book by Atkins. The use of anecdotal stories interspersed into the text gives the book a very personal feel, while the simple cartoons and explanatory text allow the reader to conceptualise the biochemical aspects of the narrative in great clarity (figure 2). While Eat Fat and Grow Slim could be dismissed as an interesting curiosity, books like this were the inspiration for the multitude of low carbohydrate and ketogenic diet books that festoon the shelves of bookshops today. Reading this book makes the reader realise that many of these newer books are simple regurgitations of previous pioneer’s work. It also makes you wonder if we really are making progress, or just living off the backs of greater men."
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Sir Heneage Ogilvie (Read online)

Introduction by Franklin Bicknell (Read online)

1. What Makes A Fat Man Fat? (Read online)
- William Banting's Diet

2. The Calorie Fallacy (Read online)

3. Objections To High-Fat Diets (Read online)

4. Eating Fat And Growing Slim In Practice (Read online)
- Expense
- Fat Cycle
- Less Expensive Diet For Eating At Home
- Eating Away From Home
- Middle-Income Group Eating At Home
- Middle-Income Group Eating Out
- Eating At The Pub
- More Expensive Eating

5. Facts And Fancies About Obesity (Read online)
- Biochemical Aspects Of Protein
- Water
- Alcohol
- Exercise
- Drugs

6. Summing Up (Read online)

Appendix A - Tables Of Normal Weight For Height And Build (Read online)

Appendix B - Quick Reference Table To Foods With Little Or No Carbohydrate (Read online)

Appendix C - Unrestricted Calorie Diet For Weight Reduction In Obesity (Read online)

Appendix D - Experimental Low Calorie, High Fat Diet (Read online)

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