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    Lightbulb Natural Medicine 101 by Jeffrey Dach MD

    Natural Medicine 101:
    How to Win the Medical Information War and Take Control of Your Health

    By Jeffrey Dach MD
    Credentials, Curriculum Vitae

    Paperback: 344 pages
    Publisher: BookSurge Publishing; 1st edition (February 9, 2009)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1439211221
    ISBN-13: 978-1439211229

    Natural Medicine 101 is available here on Amazon

    Read the entire book with hyperlinked references here on the internet.

    "Just finished reading Natural Medicine 101. I'm a retired doc who is interested in natural meds. This book gives a good overview about a lot of subjects in natural meds. I recommend it for anyone interested. However parts are very dry. On the other hand, it's WORK to stay healthy and one must persist. One real asset of this book is that it is scientifically referenced. And I checked a few references for further info. Nice to have backup." Read more.

    Table of Contents

    Section One
    Natural Medicine with Vitamins and Supplements

    Chapter 1
    • My Vitamins are Killing Me

    Chapter 2
    • Vitamin C and Stroke Prevention

    Chapter 3
    • Vitamin D Deficiency, the Ignored Epidemic of the Developed World

    Chapter 4
    • Breast Cancer Prevention and Iodine Supplementation

    Chapter 5
    • Vitamin B12 Deficiency, the Epidemic of Misdiagnosis

    Chapter 6
    • Glucosamine for Arthritis, The NIH GAIT Study

    Section Two
    Disease Mongering by the Drug Companies

    Chapter 7
    • Restless Leg Syndrome, Requip and Disease Mongering

    Chapter 8
    • Paxil Prozac and SSRI Induced Suicide

    Chapter 9
    • Lipitor and the Dracula of Modern Technology

    Chapter 11
    • Protect Your Family from Bad Drugs

    Section Three
    Bio-Identical Hormones, Estrogen, Progesterone

    Chapter 12
    The Safety of BioIdentical Hormones

    Chapter 13
    • FDA Declares War on BioIdentical Hormones

    Chapter 14
    • BioIdentical Hormones, Cook Book or Tailor Made?

    Section Four
    Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, and Thyroid

    Chapter 15
    • Dr. Andrew Weil, AARP, and Human Growth Hormone, HGH

    Chapter 16
    • Does Testosterone Cause Prostate Cancer?

    Chapter 17
    • Hypothyroidism Type Two and the Thyroflex

    Section Five
    Medical Conditions, Hypertension, Diabetes

    Chapter 18
    • Fifty Million Americans have High Blood Pressure

    Chapter 19
    • Blood Pressure Pills for Hypertension, When to Treat?

    Chapter 20
    • How To Improve Insulin Resistance in Type Two Diabetes

    Chapter 21
    • The Epidemic of Type Two Diabetes, How to Get Rid of the Spare Tire

    Section Six
    Book Reviews on Amazon

    Chapter 22
    • Book Reviews on Amazon

    Section Seven
    Infertility, PCOS and CAH

    Chapter 23
    • Understanding PCOS the Hidden Epidemic

    Chapter 24
    • A Commonly Missed Cause of Infertility, NonClassical CAH

    Section Eight
    Heart Disease, Clogged Arteries

    Chapter 25
    • CAT Coronary Calcium Scoring, Reversing Heart Disease

    Chapter 26
    • Heart Disease Part Two - Atherosclerosis: How Does it Happen?

    Chapter 27
    • Reversing Heart Disease without Drugs

    Section Nine
    Radiology Days

    Chapter 28
    • Remembering Interventional Radiology Days

    Chapter 29
    • The Untold Message of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Section Ten
    Medical Meetings Reports

    Chapter 30
    • Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Devices for Healing Sports Injuries

    Chapter 31
    • Orthomolecular Medicine Meeting in Toronto Honoring Abram Hoffer, MD

    Section Eleven
    Case Reports and Miscellaneous

    Chapter 32
    • Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

    Chapter 33
    • Debbie Depressed Case Report

    Chapter 34
    • Celiac Disease Gluten Sensitivity

    Section Twelve
    Osteoporosis and Bisphosphonate Drugs

    Chapter 35
    • Fosamax, Actonel, Osteoporosis and Toulouse Lautrec

    Chapter 36
    • Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis, A Closer Look at the Data

    Sist endret av Anina; 09-03-14 kl 04:40
    • Thyreoktomi (fjernet skjoldbruskkirtel) i 1978 udelukkende på grund af "for lavt" TSH. Lavt stofskifte i 39 år. Siden 2007 i kontinuerlig bedring efter skifte til behandling med Desiccated Thyroid USP. Den første, der skrev om Armour Thyroid på Internettet i Danmark (2007).
    • Tidligere aktiv bruger her på forummet i 11 år - 2006-2017 (Anisa-profil). Fra april 2017 fortsætter med at skrive essays om thyreoidea-relaterede emner og bøger.
    • Afgjort den bedste skandinaviske bog om lavt stofskifte er STOP stofskiftevanviddet oversat til dansk efter Stop The Thyroid Madness.

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