Better treatment for hypothyroidism

Why this is important to me

Millions of people, largely women, all over the world suffer a seriously impaired quality of life and even early death because of undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or under-treated hypothyroidism.

They are denied treatment, told they have chronic fatigue syndrome, which can't be treated, or not given enough hormone or the right type of hormone to make them better.

This situation borders on an abuse of civil rights and gender discrimination. How many men would be told symptoms are all in your head?

It has been known how to treat hypothyroidism by replacing the missing hormone for around 120 years, but we cannot diagnose or indeed treat it properly because of the over reliance on a laboratory blood test and lack of knowledge by doctors of the complicated nature of the disease.

They are not trained to treat it properly. An objective investigation into the nature of the disease and its treatment needs to be undertaken.

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Created by Penny L. United Kingdom
To be delivered to: Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe in Copenhagen

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