To ALL PATIENTS who have suffered from a CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME and did not find relief until they came to this consultation and got on hormone therapy.


CITIZENS FROM THE UK: If you are from the UK, please respond. Your testimony is even more precious!


Dear Patient,

In the U.K. (Great Britain), there is a mother who is in prison and before court because she came to Belgium at my consultations to get help for her daughter, a child of age 14, who since 6 years suffered from a severe chronic fatigue syndrome, which made her unable to attend school since 4 years, almost speechless due to the fatigue that is due to hormone deficiencies. Multiple trials to get help in the UK met failure from the National Health Service (NHS).

When she came to Belgium, she for the first time improved relatively quickly with hormone therapies with no overdose signs or other side effects. Many people close to these two persons in the UK have confirmed this by written testimonies.

The hormone therapies include thyroid (takes out the fatigue at wake-up and when you remain still), cortisol (provides energy and wake you up, takes out fatigue in stressful situations and when standing up), and growth hormone (takes out exhaustion). All medical data justifying these treatments is strong. The substances are vital for life. Without any cortisol iin the body, there is death within 24 hours, without thyroid dead comes within weeks, without any growth hormone, life expectancy may be reduced by 34 years in women. The child has deficiencies, no total absence, but these deficits are sever enough to produce the severe debilitating fatigue and other complaints she has.

The court trial takes place in the second half of October 2014. The mother is accused of wanting to harm her daughter with thyroid; cortisol and growth hormone that would be ”poisonous” substances. Consequently, the daughter has been taken out of the custody of the mother and the mother put in prison. Unbelievable based on the real facts!

The complaint was initiated by the divorced father who in all appearance takes revenge of his previous wife, apparently not really taking care about his daughter who is now put into a psychiatric institute.

The father and his doctors in the UK believe that the fatigue of the now 16-year-old child is pure psychological, but psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs did and do not help.

In reality, the mother is a super, very healthy minded, caring mother who with love tries to do the best for her daughter and get out of the exhaustion. The father’s doctors in the UK don’t do any really hormone check-up. They also did not ask to see the data of the medical records, but conclude after 15 minutes consultation that the child is fine hormonally and does not need help in this sector.

The lives of the child and her mother are being destroyed by a justice and medical system that does not really seem to care. They are victims of the failure of the National Health Service (NIS) and the English justice system, who do not accept when the NHS fails, that patients go to doctors outside of the UK, where possibilities in diversity of medical approaches are greater.

PLEASE HELP: we need your testimony before October 15, 2014, and if possible before October 10.

  • - How to write? Best is to type your testimony and then sign it and put name and address on it. If you prefer handwriting it, it is also OK.
  • - How long? One page or half page is sufficient, but if you estimate more, do so . Be precise and concise in your wording.
  • - How to send? By post mail or email.
    By post mail: Send your testimony in an envelope to DR Hertoghe, avenue Van Bever 7, 1180 Brussels, Belgium..
    By email: Scan your testimony in color and send the scanned testimony as an attachment by email on the email secretary(at) and secretariat(at)
    • You can do both if you think It better to be sure your testimony arrives on time.
  • - To whom to address your testimony? Address it to the court in the UK or to Lawyer Kenneth Hind (not to Dr Hertoghe as I am not allowed myself directly to provide any confidential medical information).
  • - What to write? Tell in your own words:, after putting your name, address and date:
    o that you had important and severe chronic fatigue and that it was relieved here with the help of hormone therapies. This is the major point and sufficient if you do not want to disclose more for testimony.
  • If you are OK to disclose more: the following points are important, on condition that they correspond to your experience:
    additionally: tell that you tried to find relief elsewhere but did not get it (tell only the real facts)
    additionally: tell that your case was not understood by local doctors/ the local medical system and you faced unbelief, possibly even humiliation
    additionally: tell that you took and/or take cortisol and/or thyroid and /or growth hormone. This is a valuable addition in your testimony. If you are able to discriminate on the beneficial effects of each hormone therapy had on you, tell what were the differences in improvement of each therapy. Tell only about the hormone treatments you really take.
  • - Example of how to tell your story: “ I, (name XXX°, age XX), was since years tired with this and this additional complaints ….. This created difficulties for my work/studies … ..I tried to find help around me in my country but did not succeed. When I came to Dr Hertoghe’s (or Dr XXX’s), consultation, after several months of treatment, I found relief. The following improvement occurred in me : I felt so much more energy, better mood, …..I could get out of my bed and/or back to work or could work for longer hours, etc…I find that people must have the chance to choose their doctor and therapies when something is wrong and cannot be fixed to consult only local physicians. …etc.…”

CONCLUSION: Please help quickly with your testimony these two persons the mother and her child who need desperately your help. I am not myself under attack, but intervene as witness and medical expert in this case. This is the critical moment for you to help.

If you live in the UK and were dissatisfied of the NHS (National Health Service = Sundhesstyrelse/red.), your testimony is even more valuable. But even if you don’t live in the UK, your testimony is precious.

Superthanks I advance for your testimony.

Dr Thierry Hertoghe
secretary (at)
President of the World society of Anti-Aging Medicine
President of the International Hormone Society

7 avenue Van Bever
1180 Brussels - Belgium

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