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    Lightbulb A letter to a friend, an naturopath who is afraid of Iodine

    A letter to a friend who practice natural medicine in USA

    I correspond with my friend, a naturopath in the United States. We write about everything, and finally I asked her about the American naturopath's approach to iodine, related to their practice. Her answer surprised me. Here is my answer to her ... in English. When I have more time, I will translate the letter to "scandinavian" but if there is someone who want to help with the translation, please do.

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    Oct 2006

    Lightbulb Sv: A letter to a friend who is a naturopath in USA

    15th October 2016 Kathy wrote: "One has to be very careful in giving iodine in many cases as we do not understand, as yet, whether we injure the gland if giving iodine pushes the TSH up - so little is really known and most is hypothesis. It’s difficult to re-iodinate the gland also if someone is on thyroid medication."

    Dear Kathy

    Thank you so very much for your reply, but I was surprised by some parts of it. I will try to answer, but I'm probably too tired to proofread, so please bear with possible misspellings in my email.

    I understand what you wrote, but there is far more to TSH than just hypothyroidism or the opposite. To look at TSH only in this context is a direct result of bias developed as a consequence of gentlemen's Wolf and Chaikoff's "research" on rats, which results have never been confirmed by research on humans, as well as their study has never confirmed iodine's impact on thyroxine, simply because they never measured thyroxine in their rats. Triiodothyronine were not even discovered yet. This paper would never be published today because it does not meet minimum requirements for academic integrity. Nevertheless, the concept of "Wolf-Chaikoff Effect" was distributed over the whole world and has since determined the conclusions the in all studies (in iodine) conducted by conventional medical research, seeking confirmation of this already existing bias.

    This bias is incredibly difficult to eliminate, when even so many naturopaths, chiropractors and others (which should actually be bias-free) so unconditional have adopted this - probably the most fateful and damaging - conventional-medical bias in the history of the world. It is almost hopeless to fight for iodine sufficiency when even naturopaths and other alternative practitioners simply copying one of the modern, conventional medicine worst mistakes.

    Did you know that TSH "moves" not only in response to thyroid production of thyroid hormones, but TSH reacts also in an increased production of thyroglobulin when the "new" iodine is applied to individuals affected by iodine deficiency. This means that the increase in TSH is not an indication of iodine-induced hypothyroidism, but a response to an expected increase in hormone production triggered only by iodine-induced (nevertheless healthy) thyroglobulin reaction. Thus occurred "hypothyroidism" is in fact not hypothyroidism, and there is nor any symptoms of hypothyroidism simply because it is not hypothyroidism.

    This state of (due to elevated TSH misinterpreted) false hypothyroidism, following initiation of supplementation of iodine to iodine-deficient individuals can continue for up to six months depending on the individual level of their iodine deficiency in the first place. Despite the elevated TSH, these individuals report a clear and continuing improvement in their condition (they are already in treatment for their hypothyroidism OR Hashimoto's for that matter) if supplementation has started slowly, with low doses of 600 µg to maximum 1200 µg Lugol's solution per day. Many may evetually do well with this dosage, while others need to increase but not until after at least a few months.

    Did you know that TSH is also an indicator of iodine deficiency and is used as such in order to examine the newborns for their status og iodine? If their TSH is abnormally elevated then they have iodine deficiency.

    Did you know that if you prescribe supplement of selenium to iodine defficient individuals, their total and free T4 will decrease permanently?

    Do you know the drug Amiodarone (Cordarone), for arrhythmia? Do you know that a normal adult starting dose for the first 1-2 weeks containing 3,730,000 (three million, seven hundred fifty thousands) micrograms of pure iodine, and subsequent maintenance dose (for an indefinite period of time) contain (on average) 150,000 micrograms pure iodine? We are talking here about a hundred and fifty thousands micrograms of pure iodine every each day, for an indefinite period of time.. But among all treated, hyperthyroidism occurs only in 2-3% of all treated as hypothyroidism occurs only in 6-10% of all treated. Is it sure that hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism have occurred in these heart-patients because of iodine content in their Amiodarone?

    No, it is not sure because the total number of those who become hyperthyroid and hypothyroid during Amiodarone therapy is so small that it can not be excluded that they would develop thyroid condition under all circumstances. But even if it is true that these patients have had developed thyroid condition from amiodarone treatment - just think of the enormous amounts of iodine, these patients are consuming every day... while regular supplements of iodine for fighting iodine deficiency is usually so low as 150 micrograms or less, that it is so pointless to compare the efficacy of these treatments with each other. The only thing that Amiodarone-example really proves is how enormously safe iodine really is.

    Did you know that there are iodine atoms in the molecular structure of TPO enzymes. Of course there will therefore be (temporarily) more TPO antibodies after iodine insufficient Hashimoto's suffering individuals begin treatment for their iodine deficiency, but the condition nevertheless is asymptomatic and temporary until the very improvement in their Hashimoto's begin the quiet and calm way, because this previously iodine insufficient human body now starts have the resources to repair itself.

    Did you know that without the right number af iodine atoms, a TPO enzymes does not work? Did you know that this also applies to a large number of other types of enzymes and that it is precisely iodine deficiency which is why the immune system is weakened in iodine (in fact) insufficient people including hypothyroid patients?

    Did you know that without sufficient status of iodine in the human body, the apoptosis (programmed cell death related to eg. cancer or DNA/cell damage for other reasons) is reduced, and in especially iodine insufficient tissues apoptosis is even completely abolished? Apoptosis can't function properly in iodine insufficient tissues and that is precisely the reason why we have this enormous explosion of cancer in the world, where poorly 150 micrograms of iodine per day are considered to be enough, irrespective of the fact that this is only enough to prevent the nodal goiters.

    To treat TPO antibodies and keep their numbers low by either maintain or even worsening iodine deficiency in Hashimoto's patients is a very bad solution because iodine is needed for the entire human body, and, not least, to fight cancer, not only in relation to the thyroid gland and thyroid hormones. However, it is precisely exactly what happens when conventional doctors and equally conventional alternative therapists treat their Hashimoto's patients with.... intentional iodine deficiency. It sounds crazy, right? But nevertheless, it is our reality which consuming the lives of the Hashimoto's patients.

    In relation to this "intentional iodine deficiency" as a result of the "protection" of Hashimoto's patients against this ugly iodine ... please remember that those (containing iodine) TPO enzymes also has a another function than the conversion of T4 to T3: in the thyroid gland itself, the production of thyroid hormones is conducted by the TPO (Thyroid peroxidase) enzymes, present in the apical (colloid-facing) plasma membrane of thyroid epithelial cells. Thyroid peroxidase enzymes catalyzes two sequential reactions in the thyroid gland: 1.: iodination of tyrosines on thyroglobulin (also known as "organification of iodide") and 2.: synthesis of thyroxine or triiodothyronine from two iodotyrosines. Through the action of thyroid peroxidase enzymes, thyroid hormones accumulate in colloid, on the surface of thyroid epithelial cells, still tied up in molecules of thyroglobulin, later released from thyroid gland, and from which free thyroid hormones will eventually be released into the blood stream.

    If doctors and alternative practitioners insisting to "protect" Hashimoto's patients from iodine, because of misunderstood or directly misguided perception of iodine, these patients indeed will be "protected" against increased number of TPO antibodies, but they will also be "protected "against their own residual production of thyroid hormones (due to iodine deficiency-induced decreased amount of thyroid peroxidase enzyme), as well as for the same reason, they will also be "protected" against the adequate conversion of T4 to T3 in all tissues in human body, no matter what treatment they are receiving - synthetic T4-alone, desiccated thyroid or non at all.

    It is a great mistake always to connect the number of TPO antibodies with the severity of Hashimoto's because we have seen hundreds of examples of some sufferers of Hashimoto's prospering quite well and beeing almost asymptomatic regardless of an enormous number of TPO antibodies, whereas some others were pretty ill with only a relatively small number of TPO antibodies. It does not serve the patient's best to generalize Hashimoto's disease because patients' personal preferences are too different.

    Passively to "treat" all Hashimoto's patient with intentional iodine deficiency brings them no closer to recovering, rather the contrary. Here with us, we have several examples of "treatment-unreceptive" Hashimoto's patients for years suffering from this disease, who finally had regained their lives, after they defied the myth of iodine. We also have examples of others who were so afraid of the rising TPO antibodies that they have interrupted supplements of iodine, only because they feared the myth more than they dared take the chance of recovery. It should therefore be the patient's choice, not the practitioners...

    For the sake of clarification of my background: all my knowledge comes (and counting) from exclusively medical-scientific sources, I have carefully studied over the past eleven years. Because I wish to get through to the conventional doctor-brains, they should be knocked out with their own science. Believe me, there are plenty of groundbreaking scientific research in iodine from before the 1980's.

    After the 1980s the power of the Wolf-Chaikoff Effect had derailed allmost all research in iodine, and created an extremely unscientific medical bias, which since has cost loss of millions of lives lost to cancer, other diseases, and not least, destroyed an enormous amount of lifes of sufferers of hypothyroidism. Hippocrates is turning in his grave ....

    I sincerely hope that naturopaths and other alternative practitioners recognize the problem, stops to follow in the footsteps of biased conventional medicine and instead begin to set their own footprints, for the sake of their patients.

    I could write on this for days, even months. It is incredibly fascinating subject, but I better return to my iodine-project if I should have the chance to complete it before I die. In the age of soon 65 years an expiration date on my life is already set, so I must hurry.

    Very best wishes to you. ♥
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