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    Standard Symptomer


    Jeg fant frem, og kombinerte, noen lister jeg fant med symptomer på 'adrenal fatigue' (binyreutmattelse?) og hypotyreose. Siden jeg ikke har sett noe slik her tenkte jeg å dele med dere andre.

    Til moderator: om dette er upassende, så må dere gjerne slette

    Adrenal Fatigue
    Excessive fatigue and exhaustion, chronic fatigue
    Non-refreshing sleep
    Morning fatigue. You don’t really seem to wake up until 10 a.m., even if you’ve been awake since 7 a.m.
    Afternoon “low” (feelings of sleepiness or clouded thinking) from 2 to 4 p.m.
    A burst of energy at 6 p.m. when you finally feel better from your afternoon lull
    Sleepiness around 9p.m. to 10 p.m. However, you resist going to sleep
    A “second wind” at 11 p.m. that lasts until about 1 a.m., when you finally do go to sleep
    Sleep disturbance, insomnia
    Feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope
    Craving salty and/or sweet foods
    Sensitivity to light
    Low stamina and slow to recover from exercise
    Slow to recover from injury or illness
    Difficulty concentrating, brain fog
    Poor digestion
    Irritable bowel syndrome, IBS
    Low immune function
    Premenstrual syndrome
    Menopause symptoms
    Low blood pressure
    Sensitivity to cold
    Frequent influenza
    Reduced memory
    Low libido, sexual drive or interest
    Lack of lust for life and/or food
    Excess hunger
    Low appetite
    Panic/anxiety attacks
    Irritability, impatience, quick to anger.
    Chronic low blood pressure
    Sensitivity to cold and feeling chilled
    Increased PMS or menopausal symptoms
    Mild depression
    Mood swings
    Mental fog
    Memory problems
    Lack of energy and feeling rundown
    A decreased ability to handle stress
    A decreased ability to recover from illness
    Muscular weakness
    Increased food allergies
    Decreased sex drive
    Frequent sighing
    Inability to handle foods high in potassium or carbohydrates unless they’re combined with fats and protein
    Feel dehydrated and thirsty and require plenty of water
    Difficulty relaxing, nervous, anxious or hyperactive
    Lack willpower to accomplish
    General exhaustion
    Hormone imbalances
    Low libido
    Weight gain, especially in abdomen and waist area
    Losing muscle tone
    Sagging skin, dry, yellow or pale in color
    Hair starting to gray, thin out and become dry
    Lips losing their color
    Loss of appetite
    Weight loss
    High blood sugar
    Weight gain
    Hair loss
    Reliance on stimulants like caffeine

    Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
    Coarse, dry hair
    Dry, rough pale skin
    Hair loss
    Cold intolerance (you can't tolerate cold temperatures like those around you)
    Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches
    Memory loss
    Abnormal menstrual cycles
    Decreased libido
    Pale, dry skin
    A puffy face
    Hoarse voice
    An elevated blood cholesterol level
    Unexplained weight gain
    Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
    Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints
    Muscle weakness
    Brittle fingernails and hair
    Brittle nails.
    A yellowish tint to the skin.
    Slow body movements.
    Cold skin.
    An enlarged thyroid gland (goiter).
    Modest weight gain, often 10lb or less.
    Swelling of the arms, hands, legs, and feet, and facial puffiness, particularly around the eyes.
    Muscle aches and cramps.

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    Mar 2008

    Standard Sv: Hypotyreose og binyreproblemer - informasjonstråd.

    Jeg kom over denne nettsiden om binyrer i dag
    Hashimoto's, hypotyreose, Armour 2009
    Å leve med binyrebarksvikt eller binyretretthet
    • Ren T3 og LDN (lav dose Naltrexon) 2012, virket ikke for meg. Bruker thyroid

Side 3 av 3 Først 123

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